Powering Net Zero Commitments

Why Carbon 360?

  • Develops and retains your in-house GHG management capacity

  • On demand certified training and support of your team

  • Saves money, time and meets stakeholder expectations

  • Compliance with global GHG standards and agnostic to commercial certifications

Equips your organisation with best practice GHG Inventory Management.

Carbon 360® is certification agnostic and supports and teaches your team to build and retain in-house capacity to confidently self-perform and meet stakeholder expectations without outsourcing or third party commercial certifications.

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of the world economy has made net-zero commitments. (Blackrock, 2022)

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of the world’s large companies and financial institutions have made a Net Nero commitment adding expectations to their valuechains to report on their GHG Emissions. (Blackrock, 2022)

0 %

of customers prefer to deal with businesses with a credible climate commitment.

0 %

of all commercial and public tenders demand and/or assign weight, to a verifiable decarbonisation commitment


GHG reporting is mandated in over 40 countries and expectations from businesses around value chain emissions are growing exponentially and millions of businesses are looking to be guided, trained and supported around GHG inventory management.

Stake holder expectations regarding climate action, decarbonisation commitments and carbon accountability requires action. That is why understanding, managing and reporting on these matters to a globally accepted standard gives your business a social license and a significant competitive advantage.


Carbon 360® is a complete and self-paced Carbon Inventory Management Program taking your team from untrained to well informed, confidently managing your GHG inventory competently to a world class standard.


Carbon 360® consolidates 1,000s of pages of standards into a easy to follow 8-step process, each supported by on demand videos and curated training materials.

The Carbon 360® Navigator saves reporting companies valuable time and greatly assists with capturing emissions activity data and effortlessly makes scientific emissions calculations possible while creates an audit trail.

Finally, the Carbon 360® IMP web application captures your progress and generates your company's GHG protocol compliant Inventory Management Plan (IMP).

And of course we'll be there to support you if needed.

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Turnkey to Net Zero.

Enables and powers your decarbonisation commitment to highest global standards

Act or miss out

Two thirds of commercial tenders now include weighting around verifiable climate action.

Implementing carbon emissions management to a globally accepted standard gives your businesses credibility and a significant competitive advantage.

Gain competitive advantage

by demonstrating carbon accountability

Science based reporting

that avoids greenwashing

Why Carbon 360® is Business Smart

Meet global standards and expectations

Mandatory GHG Reporting in 40+ countries

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Carbon 360® - key benefits

Builds Internal Capacity

Builds and sustains your organisation's capacity to confidently self-perform GHG emissions management processes.

Meets International Compliance

Borderless. Complies with the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 + standards. Certification agnostic.

Demonstrates Climate Action

Allows your organisation to manage a credible decarbonisation commitment and disclose Scope 1-3 emissions to your valuechain.

Trains your Team

Carbon 360® educates and supports your team to confidently and effectively self-perform.

Saves Time and Money

Saves time and removes need for costly outsourcing. Provides access to science based tools, templates & support

Grows your Social Licence

Maximises your business' position in a low-carbon economy by meeting expectations from stakeholders.

Meets Expectations - Stay Relevant

Equips your organisation with best practice GHG management and science-based reporting that meets expectations.

Avoids Greenwashing

Avoids criticism of greenwashing or virtue signalling.

Carbon 360® key features

Carbon 360® is a comprehensive platform that helps organisations understand and manage their GHG emissions and take action to reduce them.


Training and Support

Training and Support

Carbon 360® builds and retain in-house GHG management and reporting capacity through on demand videos and supporting training materials and tools.


GHG Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Carbon 360® provides a range of tools for tracking and managing GHG emissions, including creating and updating organisation's GHG inventories.


Scientific Data capture

Scientific Data Capture

Carbon 360® allows organisations to integrate data from various sources, such as energy consumption, transportation, and waste management, to create a  complete & science based GHG inventory.


Compliant GHG Reporting

Compliant Reporting

Carbon 360® supports a range of GHG reporting standards, including the GHG Protocol. It provides tools for documenting and disclosing GHG emissions to internal and external stakeholders


GHG Reduction Tracking

GHG Reduction Tracking

Carbon 360® provides tools for identifying GHG reduction opportunities and tracking progress towards GHG decarbonisation and reduction goals.


Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Implementing GHG reduction strategies can also lead to cost savings, such as reduced energy consumption and waste management costs. Carbon 360® can help organisations identify these opportunities.

Stay compliant. Meet Expectations. Stay in control.

No longer 'not sure how'

Carbon 360® empowers businesses to make and retain a science based Carbon Neutral or a Net Zero commitment.

It’s designed to maximise business value, social license, organisational engagement and environmental impact by equipping businesses with the training and resources to make a complex process very simple.

Carbon 360® offers a convenient and cost effective way to launch and sustain a decarbonisation transition to an internationally recognised standard.

Taking climate action is
no longer complicated

Our Carbon 360® promise

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How more credible?

To report on GHG emissions or achieve Carbon Neutral or Net Zero status your organisation needs to develop a GHG Emissions Inventory Plan through science based climate accounting methodologies. Carbon 360® is true to the GHG Protocol and is the answer.

Carbon 360® helps you do this is an way that will add legitimacy and avoid the risk of you being accused of greenwashing or virtue signalling.

Carbon 360® delivers what your business’ needs to build its own GHG management capacity to confidently decarbonise to peak global standards and report its emissions where needed.


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