Powering Net Zero Commitments

How Carbon 360® works

Carbon 360® is built on a proven concept. Learn first then engage with the right tools in a supportive environment.

We’ve made it easy for your organisation to build and retain in-house GHG management and reporting capacity by consolidating 1,000s of pages of standards, guidelines and technical data into 8 defined steps delivered via on demand videos and supporting training materials and tools.

We have also developed the Carbon 360®  Navigator, an integrated and auditable GHG emissions calculation tool.

This allows your team to gain competence (GHG Management Certificate of Completion) and confidently complete each step and incrementally complete your organisation’s Inventory Management Plan (IMP) compliant with the GHG Protocol using Carbon 360® Navigator and the Carbon 360® IMP web application.

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You're in good hands

01. Carbon 360® Training

1. On demand video based training for your team

The Carbon 360® Learning Management System is based on the leading protocols for e-learning.

Read the learning objectives of many of the videos in the program below.

This Video's Learning Objectives

This is just a short promo video.

2. Resources and support

The Carbon 360® Resource Area is intuitive and includes additional resources such as Climate Scout, a repository of best practice articles, educational content etc.

It also has an extensive section of source content and reference material such as the GHG Protocol, IPCC Guidelines etc. 

3. Designed to support learning

Each of the 8 steps has a Learning Test Quiz with validation provided for each question.

To be eligible for a Carbon 360® Certificate of Completion all test quizzes need to be completed. This is voluntary.

4. GHG Management Certificate

An individual Certificate will be issued upon completion of the on-demand self-paced course  This is voluntary.

02. Curriculum - Behind your training

The Carbon 360® Curriculum is based on the GHG Protocol and related resources found in the Carbon 360® Resource Area and is designed to educate you in the complex science of GHG emissions without countless hours of research.

It comes with plenty of illustrations and practical examples to support meaningful and intuitive learning.

Preview Step 1 – Establish Operational Boundaries

03. Carbon 360® Navigator - The digital climate consultant

The Carbon 360® Navigator significantly simplifies the science based calculation of inventories through the structured measurement, grouping and reporting of GHG Emissions. It’s like having a ‘digital climate consultant’.

Key Features

Its inventory dashboard summarises and categorises emissions data in accordance with the GHG Protocol requirements

Carbon 360® Navigator process

The steps are supported , where needed, by short video tutorials

04. Carbon 360® Inventory Management Plan - GHG Web Application

The cloud based IMP is the most important element  for the Carbon 360® Program and conveniently solves an major challenge for many organisations; how to prepare a meaningful and compliant GHG Inventory Management Plan and make it accessible to relevant team members and for third part verification or assurance (if required).

Complete GHG Inventory Managment Plan

The IMP is the detailed record of your organisation’s emissions inventory & decarbonisation efforts.

Carbon 360® builds and retain in-house GHG management and reporting capacity through on demand videos and supporting training materials and tools.

Step by step - 24/7 access

Supports your entire team with intuitive workflow and at each completed step captures key information all at your own pace.

Carbon 360® provides a range of tools and features for tracking and managing GHG emissions, including a GHG inventory tool that allows organisations to create and update GHG inventories.

Science based

In conjunction with the Carbon 360® Navigator the IMP captures and structures the GHG emissions on a science basis.

Carbon 360® allows organisations to integrate data from various sources, such as energy consumption, transportation, and waste management, to create a  complete & science based GHG inventory.

Tracking Transition

The IMP tracks and reports on your decarbonisation transition and helps in identifying reduction opportunities.

Carbon 360® provides tools for identifying GHG reduction opportunities and tracking progress towards GHG reduction goals.

AUditable trail

The IMP application exports or prints for either verification or assurance,  making it a powerful management tool.

Carbon 360® supports a range of GHG reporting standards, including the GHG Protocol. It provides tools for documenting and disclosing GHG emissions to internal and external stakeholders

Carbon neutral or Net Zero

The IMP supports both a Carbon Neutral and a Net Zero Commitment over subsequent years.

The IMP supports either if you have made a Carbon Neutral (Scope 1-2) or a Net Zero (Scope 1-3) commitment. 

The IMP is validated against the GHG Protocol.

Watch short video below and learn more about the GHG Protocol.

Play Video

05.Climate Connect™ - Let the world know

ClimateConnect™ – Is a public directory where you can directly showcase your climate commitment to your customers and the wider community. Builds your social license.

Let customers who care find your business. Build valuable relationships with likeminded businesses. 

Your decarbonisation transition

The steps below describes, at a high level, the process supporting your organisation’s decarbonisation journey.


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